Our Document Management System (DMS) makes it very easy for both businesses and private to keep track of their documents.

Document control has been a separate area as long as humans have been doing business. While in the past, they worked to control the paper documents, it's a whole new world that has opened up even though  after the electronic documentation was common.
There are still many companies that have paper-based or manual systems or lacking a form of audit documents. In despite of the fact that paper-based and manual systems can lead to many mistakes.
Paper-based and manual systems are in use by many of us, despite of how easily mistakes can occur. Many avoids unknown solutions, although one has previously not work well.

Common Issues

Small and medium enterprises make these mistakes in relation to document control:

  1. It is believed that files are backed up regularly.
  2. It's easy to lose track of different revisions or save new revisions under another name.
  3. Many companies use only a shared disk / server to distribute their files.
  4. Inadequate for the use of document templates.
  5. Prints on paper preview.
  6. Distributes finished, unprotected documents.
  7. Distribute documents to their employees on paper. Pulls not back to the previous audits of their employees.
  8. With our online document control system will now be better equipped to tackle the challenges mentioned above. Please contact us for more information on how the company can benefit from better document control.